Tilt & turn terrace doors timber / aluminium - Alux®

Tilt & turn terrace doors are inward opening with both a side and a bottom hung function.

Tilt and turn terrace door is an inward opening door with both a side- and bottom-hung function.

The side-hung function is primarily used in connection with cleaning of the door outside, while the bottom-hung function is used for the daily ventilation and airing.

Both opening functions are controlled by the same espagnolette handle in the side sash. When the door is closed, the handle is in vertical downward position. By turning the handle 180° into upright vertical position the tilt function is activated providing an opening of approx. 100 mm. If the handel is turned 90° into horizontal position the side-hung function is activated. It is possible to fix the sash for ventilation by turning the handle 45º.

Option: Handle with safety block or lock.

Standard tilbehør

Article no. 3100108
Tilt and turn handle

Special tilbehør

Article no. 3000199
Child safety with spring for tilt & turn handle
Article no. 3500218
Tilt and turn handle with pushbotton
Article no. 3500457
Lockable tilt and turn handle  
Article no. 3900296
40cm2 internal vent, - piece sale or fitted, grey.